Project Description

Montes de Galicia

 Client: Restaurante Montes de Galicia / Surface: 400 sqm.

Complete remodeling, interior and graphic design, of a restaurant specialized in Galician cuisine.

Traditional Galician restaurant located next to las Ventas in Madrid, needed to upgrade and adapt to new trends.
The old distribution was too rigid and compartmentalized. The first thing we did was open the space, but respecting the privacy of its customers with shelves of lightweight structures, furniture in wood and iron service and mobile screens of Wicker that allow more versatile distributions. Open the local street leaving to enter the natural light and through a fake hanging vegetation-filled domes, we allow the light reaching the inner part of the restaurant. The kitchen is visible through a large window open to the dining room and a large wine rack cellar separates the bar from the dining room.
Through liners we divided space, we draw circulation through the gray ceramic zones and areas of the diner by combining different more warm ceramic parquet and ceramics with traditional motifs inspired by the ceramics of Salgadelos. The predominant color is black and blue, reinforced by the upholstery of the chairs.
The interior Gallery generates a new space with new textures in addition to serving as a reserved for groups. In the bar area, behind the counter, a braid of Golden steel enhances a bottle open and under the bar of solid wood, a linear led reflecting warm light stools upholstered in gray and blue to your around.

Photography: Victor Hugo