Project Description

Casa Anamaría Hotel

 Client: Can Motas / Surface: 1.400 m2

Interior design for a charming 4-star hotel in one of the most beautiful regions of Catalonia: The Ampurdan.

Photography: Victor Hugo


The project involved the creation of a luxury hotel in Vilademuls, near Girona.
The hotel is newly built but with the style of the old Catalan Masias, the interior is elegant with lines, shapes and timeless furniture. The concept is this hotel as a house, with each piece decorated and warm staff (library, living room, dining room, wine bar, spa …) way. The rooms are located around a large open central courtyard, where plenty of natural light. The rooms are light colors with wrought iron furniture and dark doors leading contrast and elegance, have ample to enjoy the view of the countryside that surrounds the hotel windows. The added value of the hotel is its wine bar and spa located on the lower floor of the hotel.