Project Description

Aigües de Barcelona

Client: Aigües de Barcelona

Project and construction management of the new customer service offices.

Badalona, Barcelona

An analogy between the human body and the water circuit has inspired the design of the company’s new customer service offices. Located in Badalona (Barcelona), this new space acts as a pilot project for the renovation of the entire network of offices.

For the design of these offices we have relied on the emotional and technical aspects of water. Thus the emotional part evokes the transmission of sensations: freshness, reflection, transparency, fluidity. The technical part, on the other hand, reminds us of the urban water cycle, its distribution and quality, that unknown but essential part to enjoy this daily privilege.

It should be noted that it is the first Aigües office in Barcelona where universal accessibility has been implemented. The interior design responds to the motor, cognitive and sensory needs of the users.

In essence, an accessible workspace has been designed that responds to a new way of serving the user. Thanks to the interior design, the brand idea has been valued, the entire office breathes the DNA of the company that supplies a good that is so necessary for life as water.


Photography: Victor Hugo