Denys Von Arend Interiorismo Oficina Netmind
CLIENT: Netmind
PROJECT: Offices for a company dedicated to training in new technologies located in the 22 @ district of Barcelona
LOCATION: Barcelona, Catalonia

Concept focused on the duality between new technologies and the industrial character of the area. Following this concept, we create a glass facade to stand out from the brick facades seen surrounding the building. We distribute offices in two distinct areas; the office area and the open space.

The offices used materials that are integrated into the same building. Light and transparent divisions let natural light reach the rest of the office. The open space takes the corporate color of the company highlighting it with a choice of essentially white furniture and smooth surfaces.

The well-finished furniture contrasts with the space with unfinished details. To achieve this effect, it was decided to invest by means of graphics in places of more visual impact through colored spots that dress the unfinished materials of the space. The office is a multipurpose space, with long tables and stools to give flexibility to the space and a space with puffs to relax in the dead hours.