Interior Design

A good project of interior design is synonymous with design, efficiency and savings.

What we do:

Our talent and knowledge is put at the service of your brand image to enhance it, applying the latest trends, ways of working and materials.

We take care of the interior design of your restaurant, hotel or shop so that your clients take a memorable memory and share it with their friends. We design offices to promote a good working environment, to make everyone feel comfortable and motivated.

How we work:

  1. The design process is divided into specific stages:
    1. Data collection: we take contact with the project, note the briefing, study the place and its environment.
    2. Concept: we analyze all the data, detect the design opportunities, determine the ideas that will give value to the project and create the Concept that includes moodboards and floor plans.
    3. Renders: we make the 3D images that explain the project.
    4. Target budget: we present and discuss the provisional budget.
    5. Executive Project: we make the detailed drawings and the state of measurements.
    6. Control book. We make the dossier of FF & E (furniture, textiles and accessories)
    7. Final budget: we present the final execution budget.
    8. Work management: we carry out the work and project management.

We want to satisfy your needs with optimal solutions, both for the design and adjusting to your budget, we know how to combine aesthetics with functionality. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service for interior design and offices remodeling office remodeling and hotel renovation projects, and we also manage furniture, textiles and accessories equipment.

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