Contract Projects

Denys & von Arend offers you more than 25 years of experience offering integral, innovative and exclusive solutions for hotel and office contract projects.

What we do:

We will be your only interlocutor. Our team will be in charge of the integral management of your turnkey project: interior design, modernization, equipment and furniture. And we will always adjust to your budget.

How we work:
We take care of all the details and take care of everything: we organize and supervise the materials, the transports, the deliveries and the assemblies. We cover Spain, Europe and North Africa markets.

For hotel renovation projects, we will build a completely finished sample room so you can see exactly how it will look and what the final cost will be. And for offices remodelation projects, we make layout and budget studies so you can compare options helping you to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Services included in Contract (turn key) modality:
– Furniture
– Mobile partitions
– Enclosures
– Floors
– Ceilings
– Coatings
– Painting
– Masonry and plumbing
– Lighting and electrical installations
– Air conditioning
– Treatment of air quality
– Access and presence control
– Voice and data facilities
– Signage and applied image
– Alarms
– Works and activity license projects

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